Initial idea:
My honors project at University of Abertay Dundee.
First thoughts about this game were concentrated on having a character who will have neon suit with will give him a  lot of powers but it in the same time make him very visible. Player will have to balance of having the suit on or off depending how many enemies are in the level and what is the main goal in particular stage. This idea evolved into something deeper with awesome ninja character and interesting story line (a lot of cheese in this one :)).

Neon ninja has a sword with him all the time, when the suit of off his energy is on minimum, one hit and he’s dead. But as a ninja he’s almost invisible and very quiet. Ninja mode gives him opportunity to sneak begin the enemy and kill him instantly or just pass him and progress to next level. Neon mode gives more energy and strength (better jump ect.) but make ninja visible all the time, there is no possibility to hide in shadows and enemies are able to spot you from fare away. By balancing and those two modes player will solve puzzles and progress from stage to stage. Neon suit allows to use telekinetic power as well, with this we can kill enemies by dropping objects on them being fare away or in place where enemy can reach us. Telekinetic in only available in neon mode.

Previews Games:

Original Neon Ninja was developed in late 1970s by Magical Coders from Poznan in Poland. Game haven’t become popular because of its complicated story line and advanced AI as for the time it was originally released. This game reveals secret behind the romantic relationship between Joe and Natalie. There are no existing copies or screen shots of this title and this box artwork is the only remaining of and legendary game which started the best and most exiting Saga of the stealth platform games.


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