Preproduction begins

Before I will start any work on the prototype some paper work need to be done. I have manage to write down Pitch Doc with general outline of the game idea, target audience, overview on controls, target platform etc. All the basics which are required to have clear view on what I will be working on.

To make things more interesting I decide to work on the character design, just to have some guidance on the art style I want to go for and to easier associate world and game-play to it. Below are two concepts I came up with. First one took me much more time but to be honest I’m much more happy with the second one, small cute ninja is just awesome. So the decision has be made, general art style will be a funny round cartoon style with characters who got their head and body in one line (no neck).

Now I know how they will look like, time to work on the specific list of moves and control system.


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